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All Spanish Titles

Choose from age-appropriate Spanish and bilingual titles that cover math, science, social studies, and other school subjects.

Global Reference Center

An extensive collection of Encyclopædia Britannica’s foreign language content, offering trustworthy information in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese, and French.


Build foreign language skills with the Compact 5-Language Visual Dictionary, Essential Learner’s Dictionary, and the Spanish-English Visual Dictionary.

Spanish Reference Center

Spanish Reference Center delivers two reference and learning products in one—one age-appropriate resource for elementary learners and another for more advanced users.

Universalis Junior Online

Perfect for homework, projects, and satisfying natural curiosity, Universalis Junior Online is an easy-to-use and engaging French-language tool that teaches research skills and makes learning fun.

Universalis Online

Have fun exploring the largest French-language reference resource with an encyclopedia, world atlas, timelines, dictionary, original source documents, and a guide to select Web sites.