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All Mathematics Books and E-Books

From basic preschool concepts to graphing equations, this wide range of math titles will build critical thinking and comprehension skills.

Algebra Tools

Algebra Tools provides materials for practice and further exploration of algebraic concepts and skills.

Britannica School

Learn Math with Britannica. Interactive lessons, games, manipulatives, and study guides reinforce classroom lessons and help students learn and apply new math skills.

Companion Workbooks

The Companion Practice Workbooks provide grade level math practice, ideal for review and further exploration of middle grades math topics.

Learning Zone

Preschool children will have fun counting, adding, subtracting, and playing number games in the Learning Zone.

Mathematics in Context Core Curriculum

This comprehensive module middle grades mathematics curriculum uses realistic contexts to engage students, motivate learning, support understanding, and ensure retention.

Mathematics in Context Interactive

This digital version of Mathematics in Context reaches students of all levels in the middle grades. Interactive models immerse students in math topics and are easy to use. Bright colors and drawings will appeal to visual learners.

MiC’s Summer Math

Summer Math meets the needs of middle grades summer school and extended time math programs.

Number Tools

Number Tools provides additional number-sense building experiences and develops prerequisite skills for all math content strands. The topics cover ratios, fractions, decimals, and percents, and the connections between these representations.