Merriam-Webster Unabridged

The Perfect Resource for Those Looking to Expand Their Understanding of the English Language!

America’s largest, most comprehensive dictionary is revised for today’s librarian, teacher, and student. With updated vocabulary, enhanced content, a fresh modern layout, and exciting new features, Merriam-Webster Unabridged is an essential source of information on the English language.

Extensive and Trustworthy

Access more than 700,000 definitions, 143,000 etymologies, and 100,000 quotations from well-known writers. Use the advanced search tool to gain exclusive access to recently collected citations from the Merriam-Webster citation files.

Making Vocabulary Fun

New features include “Ask the Editor” videos, a blog, Top 10 Lists, Word of the Day, and Trend Watch. Features localized at the institutional level include vocabulary quizzes and Most Popular—the most frequently looked up words on a daily and weekly basis.

Awards And Accolades

“The #1 reference source for the Millennium”
Library Journal

“…combines a workmanlike interface with a delightfully seductive design that will reel word lovers in at first glance…a lot of features…but the screen isn’t crowded and keeps a research-type character while being entertaining.”
Library Journal, May 2013