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All Language Arts Books and E-Books

Learn more about about  key elements of language and literature, major writers and their works, and the stories behind some of the most seminal works in the world.

All Math Books and E-Books

These math titles introduce students to the theories and formulas that form the basis of mathematics.

All Science Books and E-Books

Students will learn how science is part of our everyday lives, with titles that cover Animals, Earth Science, Ecology, Life Science, Physical Science, STEM, Technology, and Weather.

Foreign Language

Native speakers and students of foreign language will find trusted classroom titles plus Merriam-Webster’s Compact 5-Language Visual Dictionary and Merriam-Webster Spanish-English Visual Dictionary.


Merriam-Webster has multiple tools that provide vocabulary help for high school students: All-in-One Dictionary & Thesaurus, Compact Visual Dictionary, Essential Learner’s Dictionary, School Dictionary, School Thesaurus, and the Visual Dictionary.