Britannica SmartMath - Grade Level: K to 8

SmartMath makes math practice and differentiation easy! A gamelike interface motivates students and holds their attention, while SmartMath's advanced technology adapts to each student's level. K-8 students of all abilities progress at their own pace, mastering Common Core and state standards along the way.

  • Adapts to each student
  • Correlated to Common Core and State Standards
  • Engaging and interactive with a motivating reward system for students
  • Instant, in-depth reporting to automatically track student progress
  • An affordable way to build confidence in math

Choose the SmartMath that works for you!

SmartMath Premium Edition
Standards- and textbook-correlated, adaptive math practice PLUS assessment of student progress. Also includes pre– and post–tests that capture student improvement and a test creation tool. Ideal for school– and district–wide implementation!

SmartMath Practice
Standards–correlated, adaptive math practice. Ideal for schools and public libraries. Just $1.00 per student! ($425 building minimum)

The Impact of SmartMath on Student Test Results

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