Britannica Pathways: Science

How does an animal, such as a flea or a whale, grow larger?
Each of its cells divides repeatedly, producing two new cells each time.

What is inside bubbles when water boils—air? water molecules? nothing?
Water molecules. Boiling maintains the identity of a water molecule.

Britannica Pathways: Science is a new standards-correlated online tool that uses a "probe" framework to target commonly held misconceptions within the context of the existing science curriculum for grades 6, 7, and 8.

Students use an interactive, hands-on approach so that they learn by doing, participating, discussing, and concluding. Each lesson uses probe questions to help start the conversation about what students are thinking and why, and then follows a consistent progression based on student responses.

With Britannica Pathways: Science, students will gain confidence and develop a true understanding of science.

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