Britannica Online Learning Zone™ - Grade Level: PK to 5

Play, discover, create—these are the cornerstones of learning for young children. Now, Britannica gives teachers an online solution designed specifically for the needs of ages 4 to 7. Learning Zone is a classroom-tested, interactive learning environment that gives early learners enjoyable, engaging, and developmentally appropriate activities to help grow their minds, their spirits, and their intellectual horizons.

A Complete Online Solution
for Early-Childhood Learning

An interactive atlas, online art activities, interactive games and learning materials, audio and video, and vocabulary builders teach concepts that children are curious about, such as geography, numbers, colors, time, and sounds.

Related to the Curriculum
Activities and materials teach the same concepts taught in the classroom and build skills in science, language arts, math, and social studies.

Teacher Tools
A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide is included with ideas on how to incorporate Learning Zone into your lesson plans. Get ideas on how to review and produce reports on student progress too.

Interactive maps and videos let children travel the world without leaving their seats. They decide where they want to go, discovering the world beyond while learning basic geography.

Interactive games and learning materials provide a play-based environment where students have fun and learn in ways appropriate to their age.

Word and letter activities based on the new Merriam-Webster’s Primary Dictionary entertain as they lay the foundation for reading and spelling by expanding students’ vocabulary.

Learning Zone gives children what they need to unlock their creativity, with a powerful online art and drawing program. Student masterpieces can be printed and posted on the classroom bulletin board or e-mailed home.

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Britannica Online Learning Zone™

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"The combination of the entertainment-style layout, kid-friendly navigation, and interactivity of the Learning Zone make this product outstanding for young explorers in preschool and primary grades."
—School Library Media Activities Monthly, September 2008

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