My First Britannica - Grade Level: PK to 5

Getting a child's attention is hard enough, but holding it is the real challenge. My First Britannica succeeds. This exciting series takes young readers to the farthest reaches of the solar system, to every corner of the globe, back to the ancient myths of Greece and Rome, and inside the circuitry in the walls of their homes. Organized by themes such as physical science and mammals, packed with color photographs and specially commissioned illustrations, and written at the appropriate reading level, this stimulating reference set will build the foundation of a lifelong journey of learning. For ages 7-11.


  • The Earth and Earth Sciences
  • Physical Sciences and Technology
  • The Arts
  • People in History
  • Folklore and Religions
  • Europe
  • Asia, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Africa
  • The Americas
  • Plants
  • Birds, Insects, Reptiles, and Aquatic Life
  • Mammals
  • Reference Guide and Index


PAGES: 1,288


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My First Britannica


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TCA - Teacher's Choice Award 2005 - Leading Magazine, Eleventh Annual