The American Presidency from Compton's By Britannica

The American Presidency is a thorough and interesting review of the people who have held the office from George Washington to Barack Obama. Each presidential profile includes a detailed biography, the president's signature, who served as vice president, a profile of the first lady, and timelines. Other information describes the Presidential Election Process, Cabinet, White House, election results, the presidential flag, and the presidential seal history. With over 175 images, 43 timelines, and 33 world events maps, The American Presidency provides a rich journey through U.S. history. Part of the Learn and Explore series.

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PAGES: 144
ISBN: 978-1-59339-843-9

The American Presidency


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"This outstanding title deserves a place in any library.serves a wide range of uses at a very affordable price.a one-stop source for student research. American history teachers will find it indispensable in preparing lessons...Highly recommended."
—Library Media Connection, October 2009

"...a welcome addition to high-school media centers and public libraries, ‹and› for middle school as well."
—Booklist, September 1, 2009